Beach Babe Inspiration


Hey beach babes! I gathered some of my favorite bohemian beach inspirations for this year into one neat little collage. If you don't already know, I get all my inspiration for pretty much EVERYTHING from Pinterest so if you want to stay up to date and see all the random things I pin, click on the Pinterest button here on my site and it will take you straight to it. 

I have started to get a new obsession with braids, all kinds of braids. I used to braid my hair all the time as a young little girl but lately my hair has just ran free. Free, brittled, and also very often tangled. Now I'm not looking to tame it or anything, but I still want it too look like I made some kind of effort, while still remaining the non caring beach bum that I really am.  

For those super lazy days, I'm just planning on using a super cute hat, and if I manage to keep my nails looking nice and fresh then I am golden!  

My best secret, or advice would be to always have your sunglasses with you. Because even those days when I don't wear makeup, which is almost everyday, those sunglasses saves the day! It's like magic...