When It's Time To Speak Up

Do you know how many times I've been told to keep quiet?


Me neither.


Seeing all the violence around us. People taking sides. People ACCEPTING violence, give it excuses, giving it sweet names. Trying to take away from what it really is. Trying to make the fear seem any less than it really is. I feel so exhausted and frustrated to see these excuses and reasonings behind every single act of violence. A woman is raped and it's because the way she dressed, what time she was out, the situation she put herself in, did she say or give any looks to lead him on. A woman is experiencing violence and abuse from her partner and she's being hushed by the people she come to for help. She's hushed and threaten by her partner. Telling her excuses that she shouldn't say this or do that if he had a long day or is hungry/stressed/frustrated/didn't sleep well/has a lot at work/a lot of pressure/not feeling like a man enough... and tells her it's because of her tone/the way she said it/when she said it/how she came off when saying it. She pushed his buttons. She provoked him. It's her own fault. She's a victim, a crybaby. It wasn't that hard. It wasn't that bad. He's not that bad. He's really a good person. He loves her. He just can't control is anger.

Did you know this, violence, has happened to 1 out of 3 women?

Did you know 45% of women have been slapped, kicked and beaten?

Did you know 75% of battered women try to commit suicide? And 55% of women perceive violence as normal in a relationship? Yes, normal. Which is why YOU should stop feeling awkward and don't look the other way when you see signs of violence. YOU should EMPOWER not hush a woman or anyone for that matter that is experiencing any form of violence, if it's physical or verbal, it doesn't matter. You should NOT under any circumstances tell someone who show signs of being abused, that they are overreacting or should just brush it off. You don't know how anyone's life is on the other side of that wall, in our souls, or an actual physical wall, away from the public eye. Just because you have never had it happen to you, doesn't mean it's not someone else's reality. And please, I beg you... to not hint, do not say or do anything to a victim that makes her/him feel like their abusers life and/or career is more important than their safety, than their lives. You don't know if this "victim" is actually preparing for his/her own death because of the fear. Your words have the power to become a seed that can potentially break or rescue someone. Choose love. Choose empowerment. Choose support. Someone needs you. Say No to Violence. Speak Up For Yourself and Others. And if you recognize yourself in any of this: You have the power to change your life. You have the power to change someone else's life.

And NO I'm not going to keep my mouth shut to make someone feel better about themselves or because someone feels uncomfortable to hear me talk about ending violence against women, humanity, and all other living beings. I actually thought about sending this to my friends first for it to get "approved". That means I even tried to hush myself down while writing this. That's how messed up violence is, people need to speak up. I'll do my normal posts 99% of the time, but sometimes, shit just needs to be said.