The Science of Letting Go

The Science of Letting Go


Follow along for 21 days on how to release and let go of stress and tension you have built up over the years or challenges you are faced with each day. During these days you will learn tools that you can apply through the rest of your life to physically teach your body how to release, using a psoas release method to physically release as well as journaling, meditation and tapping to help you process what comes up. 

Each day you will be given guidance on what to do that day, however, please don't take this as something you need to follow. We all go through our own personal journey at a different pace, these 21 days are only a suggestion, it can take you just as long as you need it to. The whole idea and goal of this course is for you to build new habits and incorporate these methods into your life, so take your time and don't rush through the process. 

Not until you have learned how to let go are you able to start new.

Whenever I learn something new, because I see this as a constantly evolving process, I will update the material and share it with you. Whenever a new version of this ebook comes out, I will send the new version to you. 

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I’ve already learned so much in this course. So happy I found you on instagram and started to follow you. There’s been a big change for me and I have had a hard time letting go of certain things and certain people. I am so happy that I have these tools that you have given me.
— S
What an aha-moment when I learned about the shakes! I have had my body shake uncontrollably twice in my life and I never knew why until now. Now I understand why my body reacted the way it did! I have to say it’s so cool! What a powerful feeling! Thank you wonderful you for sharing your knowledge!
— C
This is the most consistent I’ve ever been and I am hoping to stay consistent after this is done. I also think the journaling questions are great. They are pretty deep which is both hard and awesome. I will definitely bring these tools along with me and I am glad I signed up for this program. It’s been more helpful than I expected.
— Sh.