The Science of Letting Go

The Science of Letting Go


Follow along for 21 days of step-by-step and day by day instructions on how to release stress and tension you have built up over the years or challenges you are faced with each day. During these days you will learn tools that you can apply through the rest of your life to physically teach your body how to release, using a psoas release method, as well as tools that will help you process it all.

Not until you have learned how to let go are you able to start new.

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The Science of Letting Go, 21 Day Course.
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If you are tired of hearing yourself complaining, of feeling lethargic, always being sick, never having enough energy, nothing seems to be going "your way". If you are holding on to stress, tightness, tension, depression, self doubt, anxiety, or anything that doesn't allow you to grow, to feel balanced, light and happy with your life... this is for you my dear.  

I've gathered all my favorite tools, tricks and methods that I used to get over PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been through rape, terrorist attack, domestic violence, been verbally, physically and sexually abused, and I went from being, feeling, and living like a victim to absolutely thriving in life. I have never been more excited about being alive, and in love with all the possibilities and opportunities that I am able to create with my life than I am right now- and all I want to do is to share this with you.

I first started off teaching a workshop about The Science of Letting Go, and it has been amazing. I've been able to teach about the science of why our bodies react the way they do to trauma, and how to release it with TRE, Trauma/Tension Release Exercise. I've met with these incredible human beings, who shared their most personal stories and tragedies with me and each other, and during the workshop learned more about themselves than they had first realized.

Truth is, most of us have experienced some form of trauma. It could even be from witnessing something that happened to someone else, like a car accident. It might have had nothing to do with you, but your body and mind still reacted to it. It could be a friend or a family member going through a hardship in their life, or a seemingly small experience of your own. Or you could have gone through the most horrific situations or life challenges people don't even want to think about. Whatever it might be, even if it's "just a break up", or you loosing someone close to you, our bodies will still need to process it by releasing it.  The problem is that in today's society we are taught to hold it all in, be strong and don't show weakness. Somehow strength is measured by the ability to hold in tears, puff our chest, show no emotions, not speak about our problems, and build up a wall that is so tall and wide not even you can get out of it, and weakness is showing any signs of that vulnerability. This was exhausting just to type it, imagine living your whole life like that, oh wait we do, or I don't, but I did, for many many years.

I realized, there's way too much to cover for a workshop in just a few hours. So I started playing with the idea of an ebook, and I am saying it all casually but it's been nursing in my mind for about a year and a half now. But then I felt like it's still not enough. I don't want to just throw out a book into this digital universe, where it will get lost in your inbox or desktop and you forget about it because you didn't feel the accountability, we've all been there. SO, that's when an idea popped into my mind, how about combining the best of the workshop, the personable and intimate, to the benefits and convenience of having it online and for 21 days, giving us plenty of time to go through the material and step by step process.

So this is how it work, 

  • When you sign up, 20% of the cost of this program will go to The Humane Society, showing love and kindness to all beings in this world by taking care of you, you take care of others. You can't help someone that is hurting if you are hurting yourself.
  • You will be given the opportunity to share your journey with me, just between the two of us, or with me and the other participants, the option is completely yours and you can share just as much as you want or as little as you want, whatever is right for you. 

And of course, by the end of the 21 days, the course is yours and yours to keep so you can always circle back and reread or take the classes whenever you want to, to keep yourself going.

If you have any questions about this online course, shoot me an email to

With love,

I’ve already learned so much in this course. So happy I found you on instagram and started to follow you. There’s been a big change for me and I have had a hard time letting go of certain things and certain people. I am so happy that I have these tools that you have given me.
— S
What an aha-moment when I learned about the shakes! I have had my body shake uncontrollably twice in my life and I never knew why until now. Now I understand why my body reacted the way it did! I have to say it’s so cool! What a powerful feeling! Thank you wonderful you for sharing your knowledge!
— C
This is the most consistent I’ve ever been and I am hoping to stay consistent after this is done. I also think the journaling questions are great. They are pretty deep which is both hard and awesome. I will definitely bring these tools along with me and I am glad I signed up for this program. It’s been more helpful than I expected.
— Sh.