21 Day E-Book Course

Follow along for 21 days of step-by-step and day by day instructions on how to release stress and tension you have built up over the years or challenges you are faced with each day. During these days you will learn tools that you can apply through the rest of your life to physically teach your body how to release, using a psoas release method, as well as tools that will help you process it all.

Not until you have learned how to let go are you able to start new.

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1-1 Online Sessions

Have a million questions or don't know where to start?
Are you new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner
looking to refine your practice or take it to the next level? Book an online session.
No matter if you have never set a foot on the mat or have practiced for years, I will personalize it just for you. In the online sessions I help answer any questions you have about yoga and will create a personal class that is right for you and for what you wish to accomplish.
You can test it out by session, or choose a package.



From the Swedish language, Lagom. Meaning not too much, not too little- just right. Think Goldilocks. Then apply that mindset and way of living to your own life. Are you struggling to find the right balance in your life, with relationships, work, getting enough done, or just feeling that you are not enough?

In the Lagom 1-1 Coaching sessions I will work with you to understand the areas where you need shift your energy and focus on and what you need to change to in order to be the most authentically you. I will set you up with weekly assignments to apply to your life so we can progressively notice the changes. We will work through the obstacle in your life so that you can start to create and attract what you really want in life.


Products I use...
**Full transparancy. I do not work with these companies or get paid to tell you about their products. These are just products I love and use myself and that I find people ask me the most about.These links are affiliated with the Amazon program and I do receive a (very) small percentage, however it does help support me as a small business owner and teacher and it in no way affects the price for you. So with gratitude and love, I want to thank you for your support. 


Yoga & Fitness

This is the yoga mat I use for my own practice as well as for my private clients. Love it! The lines make it easier to find your alignment, perfect amount of thickness and it has more space and grip than most mats I've tried.

Yoga wheel. I use this for so many different things but especially to roll my back on. If I've been working in front of the computer for too long, I roll on it and it's like getting a massage or chiropractor session. It's fun to use in workouts or in my yoga practice too!

I prefer cork blocks because they are not as light and flimsy as the foam blocks but not as heavy as the wood blocks. Good and steady. 

Foam blocks because sometimes even the cork blocks are too heavy.

I use this strap all the time throughout my practice, for flexibility, alignment and strength training.

My favorite to practice core. Sometimes I even use it at my desk as a chair!

Mindfulness and Self Development