If I had to review Mandy Martini in just a word it’s awesome teacher! Well I guess that was two words but either way she’s a great teacher. She has helped me with my balance and with my flexibility because I was like a robot before I had the chance of being her student. I’ve never been flexible but thanks to her I’m getting better at it every time I take her class. Besides being a great teacher, she’s also friendly and funny but always focused on getting the best workout to every student. I also like the fact she gives out tips with simple things a student can do to improve themselves. I always look forward to her classes to learn and improve myself.
— Nick R.


My name is Mandy Martini and I live in Los Angeles, CA. 

I like calling myself a "Creative Wanderlust"- why? Because I figured there's just too much fun to do, why pick just ONE thing to define myself! Silly. Part of my creative wanderlust title is being a yoga teacher, a writer, a blogger, a personal trainer, a traveler, an explorer, adventurist, and bucket list conquer, especially my #BucketBe430 list. Pretty much anything that makes my eyes sparkle and my body and mind go, "wheee".

I've been into fitness and an athlete for most of my life, competing professionally and I started yoga when I first moved to LA about ten years ago. I am a 500hr registered yoga teacher with YogaWorks, including training in neurogenic yoga, TRE (tension/trauma release), SmartFlow (with Annie Carpenter), Exercise Science and Nutrition. 

I created the 21 Day Online Course/E-book on The Science of Letting Go (see in products) which I also teach parts of in my workshops in USA and Europe.

As mentioned earlier, I am a bucket list conquerer (I'm saying this with pride!), and I'm currently tackling my "Things to Do Before Turning 30"-list, #BucketBe430... I have until April 1st 2018 to finish!

One of my mottos or way to think about life is that I don't want to waste time doing things that don't bring me joy, and missing the things I would LOVE to do. I'm allergic to the phrases, "next time," or "another time," anything that procrastinates and in most cases, never end up happening. I don't want to wake up one day and those days and opportunities are gone.
I want to live each day like every single day matters. 

Before I let you go, I want to invite you to send me a message, maybe to say hi, and/or if there's something you wish to see on the blog or a program/guide you feel like I should create- let. me. know