If I had to review Mandy Martini in just a word it’s awesome teacher! Well I guess that was two words but either way she’s a great teacher. She has helped me with my balance and with my flexibility because I was like a robot before I had the chance of being her student. I’ve never been flexible but thanks to her I’m getting better at it every time I take her class. Besides being a great teacher, she’s also friendly and funny but always focused on getting the best workout to every student. I also like the fact she gives out tips with simple things a student can do to improve themselves. I always look forward to her classes to learn and improve myself.
— Nick R.


My name is Mandy Martini, and I like calling myself a "Creative Wanderlust"- why? Because I figured, there's just too much fun to do with my life, why pick just ONE thing to define myself! Silly. 

So part of my creative wanderlust title is being a yoga teacher, a writer, a blogger, a personal trainer, a traveler, an explorer, adventurist, bucket list conquer, and a rainforest and waterfall enthusiast. And plenty more!

I am located in Los Angeles, in sunny southern California, and I've been here for over ten years now. I do go back to Europe frequently to visit my family and friends who are spread out over Sweden, Germany, France and Spain... you can call me a euro mutt, or a mutt of the world!

I've been into fitness and been an athlete for most of my life- cheerleading, swimming, gymnast, dancer, etc. And most of them I did professionally as a teenager/young adult. 
I started yoga when I first moved to LA, ten years ago. Did my teacher training with Yogaworks in Santa Monica, or back then, the training studio was in Pacific Palisades, and now I am finishing my 500hr mentorship certification, with Yogaworks as well, and my mentor Mia Togo. Oh, and I teach at this super cool studio in Santa Monica that is called CREATE YOGA, stop by and say hi sometime! 

As mentioned earlier, I am a bucket list conquerer (I'm saying this with pride!), and I'm currently tackling my "Things to Do Before Turning 30"-list, I will have to share that list on my blog... note to self. But I basically have until April 1st 2018 to finish- and yes I am an April Fools baby! 

One of my mottos or way to think about life is that I don't want to waste time doing things that don't bring me joy, or not do the things I want to do, experience and see the things I've been dreaming about, because if I keep procrastinating and then it might never happen. I don't want to wake up one day and those days are gone. I want to live each day like every single day matters. Every day to the fullest.  

Also wanted to extend an invite to send me a message to say hi, and/or if there's something you wish to see on the blog or a program/guide you feel like people like you NEED- let. me. know