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Hi. I am Mandy.

I teach healing, self-work and yoga through 1-1 coaching with private clients and through my online course, The Science Of Letting Go.

With my background as a former athlete and as a survivor of domestic violence and sexual abuse, I’ve taught people in over 32 countries the same techniques that have helped me to let go of physical and mental pain, allowing me to live a life fully in charge and without restrictions and limitations.

As humans we get comfortable with being in pain, whether it’s pain and guilt from the past, pain in the body, or pain of not succeeding in relationships, career, finances or whatever is causing us stress and the feeling of being stuck. It feels familiar and we hold onto it without realizing how much it’s holding us back and blocking us from being happy and really living.

Through my blog and social media platforms, I share digital content and resources to help people see their potential but also sneakily trying to influence people to make more sustainable choices.

Cooking and gardening have always been two of my favorite ways to feel connected and in the moment so naturally I love sharing recipes and tips and tricks that focuses on using real ingredients, growing your own food, decorating with plants and keeping things simple, with a little less fuss.
All from my little bungalow on the westside of Los Angeles, California.

Have questions or want to know more about 1-1 coaching? Click here.

With love,



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