My name is Mandy Martini,

 I am a celebrity yoga teacher, writer, hobby photographer, book worm and plant enthusiast with an itch for travel and crossing of bucket lists.
Originally from Sweden, moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2007 when I had just turned 19. 
I'm a former professional athlete (swim+ cheerleading.)
I have a silver medal in the National Championships and where I qualified for the World Championships (bet you didn't know that about me!) and I have cheered professionally for national leagues in ice hockey, baseball and handball. 

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My truth and purpose in life is to speak up for everything I believe in and that touches my heart. To be truly of service. For the animals that are being mistreated and neglected, for our nature that is being polluted and taken for granted. For people who are being victimized and terrorized.

With my own experience from being sexually abused and living through years of domestic violence and death threats, and from rescuing animals who have been tortured and living through horrible life conditions, I've been able to witness that even in the darkest moments, there's always a way out. 
A way to shine through, forgive, love and learn to trust again. 


My outlet is any way I can reach people, through my social media platform; my writing, my course, speaking engagement, classes, e-books, retreats, workshops and special events.

I am a 500hr E-RYT with training and focus on the neurogenic connection through the body. 

One of my favorite subjects to share with others is self care, self development and healing. My goal is to give people tools and techniques to live a life with less stress, anxiety and give people higher aspirations and passion for the way they live their life, knowing there's always room and possibilities for change.

I am the founder and creator of The Science of Letting Go- 21 Day , a fully interactive ebook that guides you through videos on how to physically release stress and tension, as well a gratitude journal, reading and writing assignments, and daily emails from me to keep the mindset inspired to solve the cause of the problem.

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