Made with HOPE

Earlier this week, Jordan from the International Princess Project contacted me about helping them support and promote their cause to help women in India who are enslaved in sex trade, by giving them an opportunity to support themselves and get away from that life, to be free- and I was HONORED. 

It's something that we might not really think of in Western countries, or for us it might take another shape, such as rape and domestic abuse. But usually we have authorities, or friends and family that help us get away and help us get a new start in life. 

Many of these women India don't. According to the International Princess Project, over 3 million women and girls work as prostitutes on the streets of India. 

Following section is taken straight from Intl Princess- 

"Many of these women are trafficked: kidnapped, lured with promises of jobs in the city or sold by their own families into sexual slavery. Some are as young as six years old when they begin to live this indescribable nightmare. Driven by extreme poverty and lack of opportunities, other women and young girls begin sex work to survive. HIV/AIDS and other diseases take their lives at devastatingly early ages. All of these women suffer hardship and abuse beyond imagination." 

So what does all of this have to do with the pants that I am wearing, the PUNJAMMIES? 

International Princess Project establishes micro enterprise sewing centers with Indian organizations who rescue and care for women escaping sex trade. 

The rescued women learn to create these pants, PUNJAMMIES, hand made with beautiful 100% cotton Indian fabric, and as they earn fair-trade wages and create a real life for themselves, they gain some dignity and self-worth. 

The profits from PUNJAMMIES go back to restore more women and create a self-sustaining program for the after-care provider.  


You can help by sharing the story of these voiceless women and children. I plan on sharing their story with everyone who's asking me about my beautiful and colorful pants. 



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