Day 9 #21dayBFC

Start in down dog 

  • Inhale Plank (hold for five breaths) 
  • Exhale Down Dog  

Repeat 5 times

  • Exhale back to Down Dog 
  • Inhale Plank -> shift forward so your shoulders are past your wrists ->  
  • Exhale lower half way Chaturanga (yogi push ups) - always do the shift forward before Chaturangas to prevent shoulder injuries 
  • Inhale back up to Plank
  • Exhale Down Dog 

Repeat 5 times  

  • Inhale right knee towards nose, shift forward and round your back, draw knee towards your chest by engaging your abdominals   
  • Exhale three legged down dog
  • Inhale right knee to right tricep
  • Exhale three legged dog 
  • Inhale right knee to left tricep  
  • Exhale three legged dog  
  • Inhale knee to center 

Repeat on left side 

    • Plank 
    • Chaturanga
    • Upward Facing dog  
    • Downdog  
    • Step feet together, shift forward to plank, feet to right for any variation of Side Plank 

    Repeat on left side

    • Forearm Plank for ten breaths while alternating lifting left and right foot a few inches of the floor
    • Dolphin Plank


    Lastly, your choice of arm balance! 

    It can be anything such as crow, forearm stand, handstand etc.

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