End of Season Sale

I was recently contacted by Nordstrom's HauteLook, to let my followers know about the End of Season sale they are having with North Face. Honestly, I've never promoted a sale before and I never really thought I would want to. But then I started reminiscing. I started remembering about my childhood. My navy North Face sail jacket with gray fleece on the inside. Not sure if it was actually a sail jacket but that was what I used it for. That and everything else.

I remember storing all of my dog treats in the right pocket. I remember the warm sweaters I cozied up with on those cold fall days in Sweden. Out on the water with cold wind hitting my face, but my body still nice and toasty. Walking in the deep forests. Long long walks with my dog along the shore. Tracking with my dog in the forest until it got dark and time for dinner. Always warm and cozy. 

After moving to California, my jackets and sweaters all stayed in Sweden, and only time I will wear them is going back. It never actually occurred to me that North Face had clothes for this climate as well, and what's even more cool is that they sell from HauteLook, another company I started reminiscing about when they contacted me. 

When I left Sweden, along with my favorite jacket in the world, I started keeping an eye on what people wore out here. The Angelenos. I started FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, and before I knew it I was hooked on HauteLook. I would put my alarm clock on 7.50, just so I would have enough time to wake up and be clear minded for their 8am release of new products and flash sales. I'm not even kidding. I was rather eating ramen noodles and "noodle cups", than give up my shopping on HauteLook. I was one devoted shopper.

Photography by  Noelle Benepe

Photography by Noelle Benepe

And then I became a yoga teacher. I didn't think of HauteLook as a place with active wear or the simple style I have today. I was associating them with my old fashion self, but surprise surprise!

Not only did them reaching out to me let me travel back in time to my childhood and college days, but I learned that I didn't have to say goodbye to them after all! 

Today starts a three day sales event at www.hautelook.com and www.nordstromrack.com - for those of you looking for those last summer deals!