New year, new you?

As 2015 was closing in, people started asking me about my resolutions for the new year. And as most of us do, we jump on it and start make lists of commitments and goals that we want to knock out at the same second as the calendar turns over to the new year.

Take a moment and look over your list. Are all of your promises to yourself attainable or realistic for this exact moment in your life? Maybe you decided to change your diet, or start exercising more, career change or whatever it might be, try to make smaller commitments that will lead to where you want to be. Make attainable goals that will lead to your big goal. I am not saying to dream small, keep those dreams and goals big.Strive and work hard for anything that sparks deep in your soul, but let it be a journey. You might not be ready for that dream right now at this particular moment but making these smaller changes will get you there, and when you're ready, it will happen.

Everyone is different, and some people work best with doing everything cold turkey. To just quit a bad habit and start their change just like that. But many of us are not like that, we need to get used to change little by little or else we get overwhelmed, discouraged and we give up on what we were working for. Don't let that be you this year. Know how YOU work, you set the pace for your own goals. You don't have to go from zero to a hundred right at this moment, instead be grateful for the progress you're making and about to make. Don't compare to people around you. It's YOUR dreams, YOUR journey and YOUR time, and they are just as unique as you. 

Mandy MartiniComment