Vegan Pepperoni Pizza from a non-vegan

As the week is coming to its end, I find myself craving pizza the most.  

Okay let's be honest, I always crave pizza. 

The past two years I've tried to cut back on the amount of meat I consume for different reasons. First the conditions of which the animals live in before their lives end is a major reason why. But also many of the animals wasn't fed a natural diet which means all of what they ate, gets transferred over to us. Also, I don't believe our bodies were made to over consume meat the way we do now. I believe in moderation and once in awhile when your body needs it, not 80% meat and rest simple carbs or whatelse. 

Anyhow, here comes a easy made pizza that will take you about 1 minute of preparation and about 10-15 min in the oven!

Less than 400 calories per pizza! 

Less than 400 calories per pizza! 

• Original Tandoori Naan flatbread 

• Pizza sauce  

• Vegan shreds mozzarella  **

• Veggie pepperoni **

Brush some olive oil on the bottom of the bread, then cover the top with the pizza sauce. Sprinkle the mozzarella on top and then throw on some pepperonies. Easy peasy! Put the oven on 350F and place the pizza in for about 10 minutes, then I recommend putting on Broil (low) for a few minutes to get a nice crisp and also make it easier for the cheese to get nice and melted.

**For the mozzarella I use the brand Follow Your Heart and Yves Veggie Cousine for the pepperoni. I have NO affiliation with these brands, they just happen to be my favorites so far. If you have your own favorites or recommendations, please share below!! 


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