Essential Oil Blends

Hey guys!!

So before getting to bed, I wanted to share my little potions I created tonight and shared on Instagram stories.

I made two bottles to use for my classes, I love using them on my students and clients during savasana or after a workout. Some of them will even consider this their reward for me pushing them for an hour ;). 

I also made a spray bottle mixture for my upcoming flight to Copenhagen next week to make sure I don't catch any nasty bugs, boost my immune system and keep my cool...

Lastly, I made myself a perfume blend. I don't wear perfume much, mainly because I prefer a discreet and light smell.

If you are curious about making your own potions/blends, here are some suggestions. I don't keep track on exactly how many drops I use in each but I will try to give you a sense, I encourage you to play around with scents and the health benefits you want for yourself. 

But first...

Choose a carrier oil. Essential oils are pure and highly concentrated so you are going to need a carrier oil. My favorite is almond oil, but do your research, test some out and see which one you prefer! 

Okay, you got your carrier oil and hopefully some bottles to put your magic in (dark glass bottles!).

Now for the bottles that I am using for my classes I made a blend of 2oz with almond oil, mixed with rosemary, little bit of jasmine, lavender, chamomile, flower oil and ylang ylang. The main one in this blend being lavender

For my spray bottle, that I use on the airplane, I spray the seat and everything around me, including myself with this one. Just careful not to annoy any of my fellow travelers ;). 
I filled the bottle with purified water, ten drops of tea tree oil and five drops of lavender- DONE.

My perfume, that I placed in a roll-on bottle, has almond oil, a little bit of rosemary and jasmine as the main essential oil. I picked jasmine as my scent because it's one of my favorite flowers along with gardenia, I'm obsessed with the fresh, light, flowery scent. But if you prefer rose or any other scent, do that! 

I will talk more about the different properties and benefits of each oil in another blog post, in a timely manner... especially when it's not 12.30am and I've been up for over 20 hours ;). 

Hope this helped or sparked your curiosity.

Sweet dreams loves...


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