Do you sometimes read something and it makes absolute sense? It is so damn logical but for some reason we haven't taken it into practice because, who knows, maybe we prefer it spelled out to us. I forgot which book I was reading when this blog post "came" to me, but I took notes and now I am finally writing it down here. It's something I really wanted to share. I sometimes get those aha-moments and want to share them with everyone I can reach or whoever is willing to listen to me. So here we go. If anyone recognizes my notes and know which book I'm talking about, please comment below!


H  U  M  A  N

Always do more than you are responsible or supposed to do. Commit to becoming the most helpful person you know.

Be a master at understanding people. Listen more than you speak. Allow others to feel heard.
"For most of us, our egos are screaming so loudly we have no ears to hear what anyone else is saying."

Positive results and incredible accomplishments you never thought were possible start to reveal themselves when you start getting out there and surround yourself with people in your industry. Be around people you admire, people who are successful in whatever goal you are trying to reach. Their success, their positivity and good energy is contagious and babe, you're about to catch it...

Most of us think work needs to be serious. Zzzzz... Don't be afraid to laugh and have some fun and get a bit playful at the right time. All of these qualities are often seen as wasting time and being unproductive, BUT (!!) having fun while doing great work will actually boost your productivity, your mood and energy! Having fun will make you more engaged and positive at work! 

Be awesomely nice. Being nice isn't being weak. Don't confuse kindness with weakness. Balance being compassionate with being courageous. Being friendly with being firm. Being sincere with being strong. Offer the people around you, those you know and strangers, a smile, a positive word, or a caring gesture. 

What do you guys think, don't you agree? The one who hit me the most is to listen more than you speak. I have a tendency to overshare sometimes and could use to be quiet and listen more. Sometimes I even stop listening because I am thinking of what I am going to say, and the moment I realized that, it hit me how much I don't like that quality about myself. But recognizing our flaws is what allows us to do the WORK. Which one would you say you need to work on? 

All the love,