Be Your Own Inspiration

So something that has been on my mind lately, is the topic of being your own inspiration. 

I am one of those people who listens to inspirational talks, podcasts, and read inspiring books about people every single day- which is AMAZING! I would never want to do anything differently. BUT, the other day I was like, but what about the inspiring stuff I have done myself? We listen to all of these people tell us their stories of success and use them to feel inspired in our own lives, which again, it's great, we are so blessed to have so much inspiration around us and always accessible to us so easy, but I bet you have an inspiring story of your own. 

While listening to strangers to feel the same buzz and go-getting attitude towards life like they have can be really really contagious... sometimes it's hard to apply it to your own situation. We are all so different and our circumstances and position in life might not be the same as someone we are inspired by, so it can be hard to apply it on a personal level so that you feel like YOU can do just that. 

So if you are one of those people who always give yourself excuses like, I can't do that because I don't live there, I don't have the same opportunities, I don't look the same, I'm older/younger, I don't have the same friends/job/family/money/INSERT YOUR OWN PERSONAL EXCUSE HERE- ya know? Then why don't you think back of a situation when you took charge, when you did something to get what you wanted, or out of a situation that wasn't good for you. I don't care if it was a relationship, a raise at work, a new workout routine, a new bike or whatever, we have the same drive no matter what it is we want and we won't stop until we get it! So sit there with a piece of paper and write down EVERYTHING you can think of and then keep it for whenever you need that extra push, when you need to feel that drive again. Write down how it felt like when you had that goal in your mind and you couldn't stop thinking about it and how it felt like when you accomplished it. 

For example, one of my memories of inspiration is the dream of moving to Los Angeles. I was a kid when I first started to dream about living here one day. I was living in a little town by the water in farmland Sweden, about 30 minutes from the city of Gothenburg, but our little town only had one grocery store, one school, one post office, etc... I got around walking or on my bike, sometimes having to stop for farm animals crossing the street from the neighbors, barefoot always unless it was too cold, you get the picture. I loved everything that had to do with the big grand USA on the other side of Atlantic, felt like a whole other world!! I watched all the American tv shows, especially the ones that took place in LA, I saved pictures of LA and America, and I said to myself, one day I will live there and I will drive around and walk around there just like them.... 
Even when we finished high school, around age of 15, we got these graduation hats and I looked at mine one time when I went back home to visit and people had written about me moving to America, so I guess I was talking about it a lot! And when it was like 2 years before I was about to graduate from Upper Secondary School, I started the preparation.... I started researching everything, about immigration, paperwork, school, where I would live, the embassy, EVERYTHING. I can still remember that certainty and drive I had, that feeling, I can still feel it. A year before graduation I went to the US Embassy in Stockholm for an interview, I applied to a college, and then all I had to do was wait until I was done with school. I still get excited just thinking back at this, I want to high-five my teenage self and say how proud I am over her! Like YES, you had a dream and you made it a reality all on your own! You envisioned it, and you did it! People thought I was crazy, LA was so far away, and so so so big compared to little Sweden and our little town. I mean, the Swedish population is less than the population of LA county!

Flash forward to today, I have now been living here for TEN years. And I went from working in the corporate world, in retail, fashion industry and banking until I said f this and became a yoga teacher and started an Instagram account. I have NEVER liked listening to a supervisor or being told what to do and when to do it- like what?? NO! What do you mean I only get 7 days of vacation and sick days, COMBINED? Dude, you are crazy. I have the whole world to see and explore, I don't got time for that. So now I am self employed and IN LOVE with my life. I can actually LIVE my life. I don't do anything I don't want to do. That doesn't make sense to me, it's not logical for me at all. We live for who knows how long, we don't know... so why not live every day exactly the way we want it? 

And I bet you have your own amazing stories! In fact, if you can't come up with any of your own stories to inspire you, email me right now at and I will help you find it, we will dig dig dig- everyone has them! 

Hope you feel a little more fuel under that hood to make your life exactly the way you want it.

Love YOU!