How To Make Dreams Come True Using Vision Boards

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Okay, I've briefly talked about my experience with using vision boards over on Instagram and the other day I wrote in my caption about how my latest vision board have been "coming true" without me even realizing it.

Now I have done vision boards for almost five years, but I think that on some level I have always done it in just a little less formal sense. 

I have always wanted to move to the US for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I would always write about, talk about, cut out pictures and put it on my walls, watch American movies and television; just really submerging myself into it.
And I remember the feeling I had.
The belief that I knew it was going to happen and I felt it was already my reality.

What I used in the image: white foam board + gold frame from Target (took the glass out)

What I used in the image: white foam board + gold frame from Target (took the glass out)

When we think of vision boards, we automatically think of an actual board where we just put random pictures and words on it and YES, a lot of that is exactly right. BUT I'm going to show you that it doesn't have to be put together that way and how you can make it work the best for you.

Before you start putting together your vision board, I want you to take a moment and answer these two questions...

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What do you want to see in your life?




It's very important to recognize what you want in your life and that it doesn't just have to be material things, it can be anything you want. 
How do you want to feel, how much do you want to make, what kind of relationships do you want in your life? Anything. 
Think of it as a catalog that you are ordering from, you know before online shopping took over. Nothing is off limits except things that are out of your control, like other peoples emotions and actions.


As you are going over the things you want to see in your life, recognize if you are hitting the breaks on your own dreams.
Recognize thoughts that have to do with limited beliefs, such as, "I could never make that much money," or "this will take x amount of years before I get there."
You are the only one who creates limitations and restrictions for yourself, not the universe, God, the higher power, or whichever you believe in. You are the one who tells yourself how long things should take and if something is possible or not.

Know that there are actually no limitations besides the ones you create in your own mind.


So for example, I wanted to pay off all my bills and debt by following my passion because I never want to feel crap every time I get a bill in the mail and to feel like I am wasting time at a 9 to 5 job (accomplished by the way!) and I want to make a seven figure salary because I want to be able to support my mother so she can stop working at a job that is hurting her body. I want to be able to  support the non profit organizations that I believe in, like protecting and rescuing animals, our environment and children, and that is only possible if I make a certain amount of money.

I want to live my life not simply surviving it.


so how should you create your vision board?

This part is mainly to address the questions I received from you all.

As I first said, you don't actually need a board. When I first started five years ago I did a collage on my computer and then used it as my background image so I would always see it.

To find out what is best for you, think of where you would subconsciously be reminded of it.
Would it be hanging on your wall? On your computer screen? Your phone screen? In your journal?
How does something best stick for you? For me, I like having the visuals but I also write about it in my gratitude journal so I use a combination of a board and writing.

A vision board is different from a bucket list or to-do list because you are surrendering your visions to something that is far much greater than you and a list is all about you actively making it happen by crossing them off. Think of a vision board as a wish list for your whole life.
Another way of distinguishing the difference is that a vision board is about letting go of control so that what ever is meant for you will happen. It's about surrendering to the unknown and trust that if it doesn't happen for you, it might not be the right path or the right time for you.

Now if you are on a budget and you want to use a physical board such as the one in the pictures, you can:

  • directly write on the board (try with different colored pens)

  • use post-it notes

  • use junk mail to cut out specific "trigger" words or create inspirational phrases

  • ask friends and family for old magazines

  • print out from your computer

There are many different ways and no wrong way of doing it so just have fun and be creative!


For your visualization to be successful you have to...


1. Believe 
Let go off limited beliefs. You have to believe from the bottom of your heart that this is going to happen to you to the point that it feels like it already happened. Which brings us to the next point...

2. Feel it
You have to feel it. The moment you start to feel bad or doubting yourself you need to figure out how to come back to the way you feel when you think of what you want in your life. Always make it your priority to feel good and have fun! I can't emphasize enough how important your mindset is.

3. Be grateful
Be grateful for where you are and what you have, and for the experiences that have led you to where you are today. If you don't feel it now and only wait for the things that you want then you are going to stay stuck. If you find yourself saying, "I will be grateful and happy once I get X,Y and Z," then you have to stop yourself and remind yourself of the blessings that are in your life at this moment or you will never feel grateful no matter how incredible your life unfolds.
Recognize the miracles that are already around you.

4. Be patient
Don't lose your patience and give up. Just keep going, keep reminding yourself that if it is meant for you it will happen. When it feels hard and like something is working against you, make it an even bigger priority to be grateful and patient.

5. Surrender
Let go of all expectations and control. If you don't surrender you won't recognize the little signs you get to take the right actions and you might miss them. The universe gives you little nudges to get you to where you want to go. Make sure you listen. 

Like I said in my instagram post, I didn't even realize that my vision had become reality because I had surrendered my dreams to the universe a couple of months ago and I had just been focused on keeping my mind right.
Every morning I make sure I start my day happy and grateful.
That is what makes us open to receiving. 


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