How Using Less Waste Makes Me Healthier And Saves Me Money.


So lately I've been paying attention to how using less plastic and waste have changed two quite significant aspects in my life; the way I eat and the way I spend money.

It was entirely unexpected since my reason for minimizing waste was because of environmental causes.

As I am limited to what I can buy, my options mainly consist of fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits. Basically anything natural. That means I am skipping the snacks, chips, ice cream; you name it. I've been getting creative in making my own snacks at home, like banana bread, roasted chickpeas and crisp bread pb&j. Or getting the natural snacks offered in the loose bulk section, using my reusable produce bags of course.
(See what I do to minimize my carbon footprint here.)

There are some things that I am still working on, like my rice noodles, and nut mylk for example, but I am walking away with much less stuff and been saving about $50-100 a week because of this. 

I don't buy any of the vegetables or fruits that come in plastic either and always opt for glass jar options when I buy anything that has to be bought packaged.

I've been finding myself going to the grocery store much less than before.
Now I only go once or twice a month as before it was once or twice a week, and most of my produce is bought at the farmers market or at a local fresh produce store.
It is just so informational and enjoyable to talk to the farmers every week and learning from them, and it has taught me to plan ahead better for what I want to make during the week. It also helping me to eat produce that is in season, which is how our bodies were meant to eat. 

Did you know blueberries are a berry that is seasoned in the fall because the bears eat it to prepare their bodies for winter hibernation? Just something that fascinated me and that makes so much sense. If you think of it, all the light foods grow in the spring and summer because that's when it gets hotter and we crave more refreshing foods. In the fall and winter, the foods we get are a little heavier and more substantial because it's getting colder and we need fattier foods to keep us going for the cold winter months.

Because of this, my body is now getting a much wider variety of nutrients, and I've been getting creative in the kitchen as to not waste any of the amazing fresh and organic produce.

I've even started to grow some of my own fruits and veggies! 



Purple bell peppers (and rosemary to the side)

Purple bell peppers
(and rosemary to the side)


Food just taste so much better when you are involved with the process of creating it.

Little outtake from my #igstories...

Little outtake from my #igstories...


Another thing I've noticed is that I say no to snack offered to me if they come in packaging.

For example, when they pass out those little snack bags on the plane, which I'm sure are packed with lots of sodium and ingredients that are not good for us.

So I bring my own food on the plane because then I know exactly where it comes from and what is going inside of my body.

It has made me feel so much better after a flight. I no longer feeling bloated, swollen and heavy like I always did before.


I also pay attention to where I go to eat and drink coffee or juices.
I will not go to a coffee shop, restaurant, juice place, or basically any food and drink establishment, if I don't have either a thermos, canister or eat at the place and they serve it in actual plates and glasses, which is surprisingly a lot of places that don't.
I have figured out that a lot of places prefer convenience instead of social responsibility.

A pet peeve of mine are the restaurants that hide behind the fact that they use recyclable or biodegradable plates, utensils and cups; which is completely inaccurate but not a lot of people know that it's actually impossible for these to break down unless that are taken to a specific place for breakdown. And we know they are just getting tossed straight in the trash, then taken to the landfill. Same with recyclables, they can't get recycled unless we actually recycle them and even then it's a lot of energy wasted for that process. Still better than the landfill though. 

As you can imagine, it's left me with not that many options for eating out so I mainly eat at home WHICH saves money. 

Thank god, I make good food but let me tell you it didn't used to be like that. My cooking has definitely been a lot of trial and error and it took me a long time to get excited about cooking.

But now I have actually learned how to make most of my favorite foods such as pad thai, poke, sushi, indian food, you name it!


So basically, besides saving money my body has also leaned out from not getting the same amount of sodium, sugars and preservatives anymore.

Just that on its own is worth it to me.

Let me know if you try any of these tips and if you are noticing a change yourself! Would love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading.