6 Early Morning Routines


Goooood morning sunshines! I have definitely been bouncing back and forth with being an early bird and a night owl over the years, but I have come to the conclusion that early birds win the game of productiveness! At least for me. We are all different, I have friends that are the most productive at night, mainly my friends in the music industry, but I think for the rest of us normal earthlings, setting up an early morning routine is the best way to get the most out of our days! 

If you get up early, you can still see the moon! XO

If you get up early, you can still see the moon! XO

When you read magazine articles, blog posts or interviews about some successful person, you always hear them encourage waking up early. For real though, have you ever heard them say, "wake up late?" Nope. So no matter how much the rest of us cringe when we hear that (for me now more than usual), we have to just do it! I used to wake up at 4am, now it’s around 6am, and my new goal is to change it to 5am! Meet halfway right?! 

So I immediately get my butt up, wash my face (sometimes a quick shower), brush my teeth, and put on my workout clothes. I usually take a shower on the days I’m feeling extra tired, and then while I am in there, I get some stretching exercises in just to get the blood flow going. 

I set the automatic water kettle on. Take my dog for a walk. Come back. Feed her and drink my tea/water that is ready by now, and then I drink a protein drink OR eat a serving of oatmeal, maybe a fruit salad. Depending on what I am going to do, if I am doing yoga I like to keep my stomach empty, just having my tea, but if I am doing a workout I’ll make sure I get some protein in me. 

So for me, it makes more sense to get my workout in early in the morning. I do like a late session once in awhile, but it feels good to just knock it out and then shower, get ready and start your day without having to interrupt it to change clothes and get ready all over again, it just makes more sense, time wise. I guess if you do workout at night, it works the same way but you would be ready for bed, I would just be worried about the possibility of getting distracted during the day and then not end up doing it at night. By getting it done in the morning, there’s no room for distractions! 

My tip for a successful workout in the morning is planning it the night before. Set your mind on what you are going to do; if you are going to the gym, how much time are you planning on spending there, what are you planning on doing? How much time for cardio, weights, machines etc? Just write a little list on your notes in your phone. Or maybe plan on going to an early class. Or set up a home workout that you will doing and same thing here, write it out so you don’t have to pick your brain when it’s already struggling to wake up. 

Before I jump in the shower, I have a smoothie, pineapple or another protein drink or something light, just because I want to make sure I get some protein in me within 30 minutes after my workout so my muscles won’t feel depleted- just some fuel for those babies! Plus then I won’t feel rushed when I am getting ready.

Then I get in the shower, put my hair in a bun or let it air dry, and get dressed. When I don’t teach yoga, I work from home, writing on my computer or run errands, so I like feeling comfortable but still a little dressed up so I don’t feel motivated to get back in bed- the struggles of being self employed! I know I know, poor me...

Before I eat and get started with my day I make sure I get at least 5 or 10 minutes of meditation. Some days I sit as long as 40 minutes but it all depends on the day. I was just talking to one of my students the other day, if meditation is hard for you, seated with your eyes close, try a walking meditation, or mindful meditation. Or if you feel okay about sitting down, there's nothing wrong with keeping your eyes open if it makes you uncomfortable keeping them closed, just do what's right for you. 

So part of my morning motivation is to either listening to someone who has a really convincing “you can do this”- voice, or drink coffee, or do both. I will usually put on my Alexa (Amazon Alexa), I listen to Oprah’s daily inspiration, and ask her “What’s New” and she will go through the news that I’ve handpicked while I get my breakfast ready.

When these are finished I put on some inspirational speech/talks on YouTube or TedTalks, or an Audible book that is going to get me motivated and going. 

While I’m getting super smart with my world news of the day and inspiration hehe, my breakfast is being prepared and enjoyed. I used to skip breakfast all the time but since I started this routine, it’s one of my favorite times of the day. It feels so relaxing and I feel like I am setting out a perfect foundation for the rest of my day, by really taking my time to eat and enjoying my meal instead of rushing through it or eating some protein bar in my car, I am able to practice some mindfulness.