Finding Your Drishti

So in my most recent IG post, I talked about drishti, also known as 'focus gaze'. 

I talked about how when we are in our poses we find this focus to help ourselves control our minds, our thinking. Be the boss of our own bodies. Our minds.  

So I want you to try something, lay absolutely still, or even sit for that matter. And just feel whatever your body is feeling. If you're anything like me, you're gonna start feeling an itch. Somewhere something is going to start itching. Or if you're not like me, try instead this when you're working out or doing your yoga practice and you are in a pose or doing an exercise that makes you feel like shit. Okay maybe not like shit but very challenging. You know when you feel super uncomfortable, some body part is numbing or cramping- if you're not feeling it, then you're not challenging yourself enough! 

The reason why I prefer this "game" or practice while laying down is because then I can completely focus on it instead of huffing and puffing in a pose, especially if you're new to this. But you decide! Whatever works best for you. And once you've learned this with no distractions you can start applying it to everywhere else.

Okay so now you're feeling that itch or whatever feeling that has overcome you. Start moving your focus away from it and focus on your breath and that with every breath that particular feeling is slipping away, like the air coming out of a balloon, little by little. Instead of fidgeting, itching or trying to solve that feeling with a physical action. Try control it with your mind. Imagine it disappearing, picture it... feel the feeling of it going away, slowly but surely. Realize that your feelings are controlled by your mind and YOU are the boss of it. It's some powerful shit. This applies to everything. You can control anything your body is feeling, any emotion, any physical or mental feeling. However, this also means you are in no control of that boyfriend/girlfriend of yours, or that bestie that just let you down big time or any other person that will ever do something to you, causing you to not feel good. 

Once you learn this and truly accepting that this is your reality, that this is everyones reality, only then will you experience true contentment, true happiness. Because happiness is only in you. You can only control yourself, nobody else, so why depend on someone else to bring you happiness. If someone doesn't want to be with you, do something with you, or do something that will make you happy, remember that they are only responsible for themselves, they will do whatever makes them feel good, just how you need to do whatever makes YOU feel good. If you and the other person are thinking too differently, and someone in the relationship doesn't feel good, then it means it's not right so let it go. Let things happen the way they are supposed to. I really believe in the saying 'Everything happens for a reason', and if you think back at past events you will most likely see that as well.

It wasn't until I learned this, that my life took a drastic turn and landed me where I am today, and made me to the person I am today. And you will know when you've learned, because then you will feel it in your body and all good things will be drawn to you like a magnet. Good feelings attract good things.  

Don't dwell in the past or be anxious about the future, that would be wasting your energy on yet another thing that you can't control. 

So take my advice, start slow with this little game, and with time and practice you will be just where you want to be.