The one thing you can do right now to change your limiting beliefs.


I shared this in my newsletter but decided to add it here as well because I think it’s an important message, especially if you are trying to make a change in your life.

The other day I started looking back to all the times I have been “stuck.” All those jobs I had where I was miserable and underpaid; when I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or what my "purpose" was, and of course, the times I was stuck in unhappy and unhealthy relationships.
What my stories of being stuck, and yours as well, have in common is that we had fears and limited beliefs literally blocking us from moving forwardMaybe you know what those fears and beliefs are, or they are in your subconscious. But what you should know that unless you deal with it, it doesn't matter how much you dream, visualize, manifest and fantasize about a better life, you will remain stuck

Nothing will change unless you change the way you feel and the way you move through life.

You can’t say you want one thing and then do the opposite; like wanting a healthy relationship with someone but you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself first, or wanting to be successful but you keep telling yourself and keep feeling like you are not enough.

The way you feel about something will determine your experience.

So what about these limited beliefs?

Limited beliefs are beliefs that are not really yours that you've picked up somewhere along the line (of life) like from parents, friends, an ex, a teacher, coworker, anywhere. It's the feeling of not being enough or deserving
Beliefs that you're not smart enough to get paid better or have your own business;
not creative enough to find your true purpose and passion,
not good enough for a healthy relationship,
not deserving of an incredible life.

I see this all. the. time. With my clients and my course members when they first sign up to work with me, or people sliding into my dm’s on instagram, and I know there’s something limiting you and holding you back as well.

I want to encourage you and tell you that there is a way of changing all of that, you just need to do the work.
You need to become aware of what is holding you back;
what are those beliefs and patterns you have adopted as your (false) reality?
And figure out how to change them.

An exercise that would be helpful is writing it all down, e.g.:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

A phrase I grew up hearing over and over and that became my false belief.
But I learned that that was not my belief, it was my mothers. So I changed it to:

“Money flows and comes easily”

Here’s another one:

“Men are deceitful and always cheat”

A phrase I have heard from family members and friends repeatedly.
I changed it to:

“Men are trustworthy, loyal and loving.”

Go through that exercise on your own, I recommend doing it in a journal or in your notes and then whenever those thoughts pop up in your head, you replace them with your new and true beliefs.

What’s really important is that you are not just repeating the new phrases like a robot to yourself but you actually get into the feeling that these new statements brings you. Try to really feel how your new belief, how this truth, makes you feel good.

You feel me?

Sorry, had to.

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