Quinoa Salad

Rich in protein and fiber, this salad will surly fill you up- perfect for lunch or dinner!


1 cup of Red Quinoa (uncooked)

2 handfuls of Mixed Greens (I picked spinach, kale, arugula and chard) 

1 tomato  

1 avocado  

1 carrot

1/2 bell pepper  

Cook the quinoa and flavor it with either lemon or your choice of spices, I used Flavor Gods 'Everything' for today. 

Chop the ingredients and mix it with the greens and the quinoa.  

For dressing I drizzled over some extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar and sprinkled on some Herbamare (a blend of herbs, vegetables and sea salt), regular sea salt or Himalayan salt works too but I will always pick Herbamare over anything. 

Serves two, or if you're anything like me, one person.  

*If you decided to not use all quinoa, look below for what you can do with the leftovers for breakfast. 

What you need:

Your leftover quinoa

Dark greens  

1/2 avocado  

1 egg  

Cottage cheese

Goat cheese

Mix the greens and the avocado, you can use the same dressing as the day before. Heat up the quinoa and place it next to your salad. Cook your egg sunny side up and place it on your quinoa. Put some cottage cheese on the side and some goat cheese on the salad. Done! 

Two fast, filling and healthy meals!  

If you wonder about the seasoning, I am a little weird and love BBQ spice on my cottage cheese so I sprinkled it on my eggs as well.