Xinalani, Mexico

Hello Hello!

I can't believe it was exactly one month ago that I was at this magical location, Xinalani Resort in Mexico! ONE MONTH!! Time sure flies... had an amazing time with two east coast friends, Riva and Nathan. Riva my spectacular yoga goddess/sister from another mister/soulsis- friend, and Nathan our friend who happens to be an incredibly talented photographer (lucky us) and comedian... and singer, aaaand did I say funny as sh%t?!! Best travel family ever....

Photo by Nathan Rose

We landed Wednesday afternoon in Puerto Vallarta, Riva and Nathan flew from New York, which was apparently a long ass way compared to my short 2-3 hour flight from LAX. 
We were greeted by a super sweet woman from the Xinalani resort who had a car waiting for us, taking us to the harbor where we would go by boat to the resort, which is the only way to get there because of its location in the jungle (!!), sitting on the beach. I mean just look at that picture at top, see all of that jungle behind me?! * [insert googly heart eyes here]

Boat ride was about 45 minutes, give or take, and we had a blast the entire way. If you manage to make your way through this entire blog post you will see some of it in a video of snip bits from the trip (do it!!). 

The moment we got to the resort we were dying to explore the beach so we just dropped off our things in our amazing luxury tree houses, that we obviously took some time to admire, before we changed and bolted downstairs to the water. We quickly learned that all sunsets at this place were magic sent from the land of cotton candy and unicorns. 

After enjoying our first few hours at the resort, we had dinner + drinks, and later it was time to rest up for the next day's adventure! 

Day 2 we woke up early, before the sun was up, to make sure we wouldn't miss the sun go up or waste any precious waken hours for exploring and shooting. 

A few slideshow pictures...

Before I start talking about our adventure into the jungle, can we just take a moment and admire our tree house a little... 

Hammock in the room... with ocean view... I know.

So we decided to explore the jungle to get to one of the waterfalls. You can either walk, quite a bit to walk, depending on what waterfall you are going to, or ride horses. We decided to go with the horses, which because of the uncertain and unpredictable walking surface, was quite scary at times but most of the time it was just relaxing and we enjoyed it, just wish we had some treats or something for the sweet horses. 

We made it to the waterfall and it was amazing! If you ever decide to go, either by foot or horse, it's definitely worth it.