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I'm Mandy Martini

I Teach healing, self-work and Yoga but are equally obsessed about sharing creative and healthy recipes, sustainable living, and plant 101.

I create digital content and resources from my little jungalow on the westside of Los Angeles but take any opportunity I can to travel and be inspired by healthy and sustainable options in different cities and corners of the world.

I teach workshops internationally, mainly around Europe and the US, reteaching people how to naturally release tension, stress and traumas.

I believe healing comes from the inside and is interlinked and manifested in every aspect of your life.

All the content that I create is for the purpose to simplify people's lives and make it more accessible to be happy, healthy and conscious of our bodies, our community and our environment. Teaching skills they can use for life.

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WHAT's included:

  • A fully interactive ebook that can be used on any device of your choice.

  • A 21 day course plan.

  • Reading material on over fifteen different subjects, including; Self-Love, Patterns, Beliefs, Fear, Affirmations and Visualizations, Emotional Hostage, etc.

  • Follow-along tutorial videos for TRE (Tension Release Exercises)

  • Follow-along videos for EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping)
    - Release Fear
    - Release Stress
    - For Self Love

  • One guided yoga class (video)

  • One guided breathing class (mp3)

  • Guided Meditations (mp3)
    - Counted Meditation
    - Visualization Meditation

  • A daily gratitude journal.

  • Journaling questions.

  • Option to write directly in the ebook.

  • Daily emails of encouragement.

  • Supportive Facebook group where you can interact and ask questions.

  • Lifetime access to the course, including new ebook updates and new material/content.

Volume 1 + 2 BUNDLE

  • 30 Smoothie Recipes

  • 15 Protein Bowl Recipes

  • 7 HIIT Workouts (live videos)

  • 7 Yoga Classes (live videos)

  • Quick Workouts Throughout Both Ebooks For Days When You Are Busy

  • And Much More!


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