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How Yoga Helped Me Heal After I Was Sexually Assaulted

In MindBodyGreen I talk about how yoga helped me overcome PTSD after a sexual assault.

#instayogis : qui sont les stars du yogasur Instagram


The 10 Most Inspiring Yoga Accounts on Instagram

"With idyllic settings, designer sportswear and some frankly astonishing positions, yoga accounts are quickly becoming amongst the most addictive on Instagram, providing daily advice, positive mantras and, of course, beautiful photos to growing legions of fans in search of wellbeing inspiration. Ten inspiring yoga accounts that are taking Instagram by storm."


The Best Yogis on Instagram

"If your January 1st was off to a queasy start-- you intended to wake up on New Year's Day chanting om-shanti but instead opted for a bleary-eyed Bloody Mary-- it's okay. World peace, or something like it, can still be in your 2015 plan. To really kick-off your yogic resolve, we've rounded up some of Instagram's most fearless and agile yogis. Follow these bliss-minded accounts and in no time, you'll be inspired to unroll that sticky mat, zen out, and limber up."