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Course Reviews


I highly recommend this course to everyone - you’ll learn so much about yourself and work through things big and small. Things you might not have realized even bothered you in the first place.
— Heather, United Kingdom
I’ve already learned so much in this course. So happy I found you on Instagram and started to follow you. There’s been a big change for me and I have had a hard time letting go of certain things and certain people. I am so happy that I have these tools that you have given me.
— Sandra, Sweden
My focus on joining this course was mostly releasing physical tension and anxiety and confronting my past, but I am getting the impression that I am going to get more out of this than I expected. I really love the focus on not only letting go of the bs, but on getting out there and building more for ourselves.
— Shannon, USA
Clearly I have a lot of unresolved crap still to work through. So basically I just wanted to say thank you and that I’m so very grateful for you and the fact that you created this course.
— H
OMG! I did not expect the TRE exercise to work right away, but it did! My legs started shaking and I got bubbly with laughter. Incredible and so wonderful! I am so grateful for you!
— Caroline
I thought I needed help with one part of my life only to discover all this other hidden stuff. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to learn how to deal with/overcome things and that we have each other and Mandy for support.
— xx
By the way I wanna let you know your class is INCREDIBLE!!! I’ve come to see a lot of what I have not let go of and in the process, through your beautiful teaching of doing so each and everyday, each and every moment. And I find it’s the process of some things let be and some definitely let go of. You are an incredible teacher and soul. Blessings.
— Socrates, USA
I love this course and it has helped me decide to make positive changes in my life. I have joined Crossfit class to get strong and make friends, I have resigned from my terrible job and am just generally saying yes to lots of things I wouldn’t normally say yes to! Thanks so much.
— Kate, United Kingdom
What an aha-moment when I learned about the shakes! I have had my body shake uncontrollably twice in my life and I never knew why until now. Now I understand why my body reacted the way it did! I have to say it’s so cool! What a powerful feeling! Thank you wonderful you for sharing your knowledge!
— C
This is the most consistent I’ve ever been and I am hoping to stay consistent after this is done. I also think the journaling questions are great. They are pretty deep which is both hard and awesome. I will definitely bring these tools along with me and I am glad I signed up for this program. It’s been more helpful than I expected.
— xx
In the course we were taught about how our bodies can tighten and physically hold on to emotional trauma, causing the Psoas muscle to become tight which can affect us physically and mentally. Mandy also taught us that “By keeping our psoas healthy, it is possible to improve mental health.” When I first saw her post about it I was curious, but I was reluctant because I have not done yoga in almost 10 years. So, I emailed her to see if it would be too intense for beginners, I told her why I was interested in taking her course and some of what I was going through (which is never easy to do, no matter how many times you talk about it) and I am so happy I opened up to her! It felt good to be in a safe place where I didn’t have to wear my “happy/strong” mask, and to be around someone who genuinely wanted to help me find the strength to get through the trauma in my own pace. Taking this course gave me the opportunity to confront my stress without having to speak about it, without having to think of the pain but rather allow myself to feel it, to not try to hide it, to learn how to clear my mind and listen to my body. I was shocked at how overwhelming it was to let my body quiet my mind, to let myself open up, to allow myself to learn to physically let go of my stress. I can not even begin to describe how vulnerable that made me feel, but how necessary it was for me to allow myself to accept that I am going through so much pain and that is ok. I found myself crying and being flooded with so much emotion without saying a single word, around people I didn’t know, and although it was hard to breathe I knew I needed to finally let myself feel the losses I have been running from.
— Marina, USA