The 30 Day Body project


What's in the ebook

-30 Day Meal Guide

-15 Unique, Fun, Flavorful Bowls

- Ingredients To Boost Your Metabolism, Gut Health And Immune System

- Vegan | Vegetarian | Pescatarian Friendly

- Guide To Fit Your Specific Macronutrients

– 4 Full Length HIIT Videos

- 4 Full Length Yoga Classes

- How To Prep Your Bowls

- Secrets and Spot Challenges Throughout The Book

- Private Facebook Group


The inspiration for this book came from the fact that Noelle, as a full time mom, business owner and horrible cook wanted to find a simple way to meet her needs without getting overwhelmed or frustrated in the kitchen. Noelle is someone who can easily eat the same meal 3x a day and be just fine. But that’s no way to live; that’s where Mandy comes in! Also a very successful entrepreneur and health conscious food enthusiast who has a knack for taking anything in her fridge and making it taste delicious. These two minds got together and created what they would like to call a masterpiece!
They have designed 15 recipes using gut healing, protein rich foods that everybody can enjoy.