Ebook + Online Course- The Science of Letting Go

Ebook + Online Course- The Science of Letting Go


“I love the course and it has helped me decide to make positive changes in my life. I have joined a Crossfit class to get strong and make friends, I have resigned from my terrible job and am just generally saying yes to lots of things I wouldn’t normally say yes to! Thanks so much.” - Kate

Imagine this…

You wake up in the morning and you don’t automatically feel stressed and anxious.

You go through your day without tension in your shoulders, neck and lower back.

No longer are you…

… struggling to get comfortable or wondering what quick fix you can do to ease the pain.

… worrying about your future, what might or might not happen.

… comparing yourself to others and how great their lives seem to be.

… hung up on beliefs that you are not enough.

… repeating the past over and over in your head.


… how much extra time and energy you would have.

… how good it would feel to not be in pain.

… how calming it would be to not go about your day feeling overwhelmed.

… the relief to not feel tied down to your past.

… how great you would feel and how much energy you would have left to do the things that make you happy.

What You Get:

  • A fully interactive ebook that can be used on any device of your choice.

  • A 21 day course plan.

  • Reading material on over fifteen different subjects, including; Self-Love, Patterns, Beliefs, Fear, Affirmations and Visualizations, Emotional Hostage, etc.

  • Follow-along tutorial videos for TRE (Tension Release Exercises) aka Psoas Release Exercises

  • Follow-along videos for EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping)
    - Release Fear
    - Release Stress
    - For Self Love

  • One guided yoga class (video)

  • One guided breathing class (mp3)

  • Guided Meditations (mp3)
    - Counted Meditation
    - Visualization Meditation

  • A daily gratitude journal.

  • Journaling questions.

  • Option to write directly in the ebook.

  • Daily emails of encouragement.

  • Supportive Facebook group where you can interact and ask questions.

  • Lifetime access to the course, including new ebook updates and new material/content.

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