30 Day Body Project- Volume 2 Smoothies

30 Day Body Project- Volume 2 Smoothies


-  30 Unique Smoothies; Pre/Post Workouts, Breakfast, Immune System, Energy, Digestive, etc.

- How To Customize Your Smoothies

- Vegan | Vegetarian

– 3 HIIT Videos; Lower Body

- 3 Yoga Classes; Upper Body, Core and Post-Workout Stretch

- 15 Spot Challenges, Quick And Effective Workouts Throughout The Book

- Private Facebook Group

This is Volume 2 of Noelle and Mandy’s, 30 Day Body Project series. The girls got tired of it always standing between same old smoothies without any variation and creativity, and between the super fancy smoothies on Instagram with unicorn dust in them, so they decided to create smoothies that are easy to make and helps to nourish the body. They found that different ingredients fueled their bodies with natural energy, while others helped them through workouts and their recovery after. Smoothies are an excellent way of either replacing a meal or to be used as a side or even a snack to make sure you get an adequate amount of vitamins and nutrients in a day. There are even smoothies to help fight the late night cravings!

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