The 4- Week Immersion

The 4- Week Immersion


For the student looking to learn the how, what and why of yoga poses without having to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars on training and private classes. Don’t get me wrong, I think if you have the opportunity to pay this kind of money I think you should, there’s nothing like physical 1:1 training with a teacher. However, with that said, not everyone has the luxury of time and money to do that so, voila!!

What You Will Learn:

How to perform the pose along with modifications.

What muscle group should actively be working in each pose.

Why are we doing this pose? Learn the reason behind each asana and transition.

Throughout the four weeks, the student can expect to feel knowledgeable and secure in their practice, learn how they can personalize it as well as increased strength, flexibility, and stamina because of their new body awareness.


Video Breakdowns of Poses and Transitions & Classes; practice and learn along with me.

Asana Guide; Instructional Photos & Texts.

Weekly Modules. Learn in your own pace, move to the next week when you feel you are ready to learn more.

ONLINE Members Only Access.

Fully Interactive E-book- accessible on all devices and platforms.

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